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off with her head! …hair?

This was supposed to be my NOTD but I only did one hand, and then I changed my mind. Now I have nothing on because I can’t decide what to wear, haha. I did something drastic today. I cut my hair off .O Well, not that drastic since I’ve been thinking about it for a [...]

Crappy pics ahead!

Got my other package from TD yesterday .D Ok, so I apologize for the crappy pics. I got myself a new computer yesterday, and it doesn’t have a compact flash reader, so I can’t transfer my photos from my DSLR to it, and my old computer is dead. Until I get myself a cf-reader, I [...]


Sweet sweet haul, how I have missed you! <3 And how I have missed you TD! So much that I am expecting another order this week. Heh. (Sorry for crappy pics)