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Diamonds and rubies

It’s rainy today, and I actually want to keep my turquise kitty mani (wow, am I really going to have a polish on for more than 24 hours?!), so I’m going to show a swatch I did a while ago, on one of my favorite polishes. Sally Hansen Diamonds & Rubies. I really love it, [...]

Essie winter 2009

I know, a little late maybe. But I got these when they came out, and since I just love these (especially the red one! lollipop in my <3) I wanted to swatch them now when I have a blog to show them to. And also I kind of think the colors fit right in with [...]

Volcanoes and red polish

Until now I’ve thought that this volcano-ash cloud-thingy been kind of cool. I’m not planning on taking a flight so I’ve not been negatively affected. But, and a big but (big butt heeehehe) I just realised that I a couple of days ago made a TD order, and now I don’t know when (or even [...]

First of all

Ok, since I thought the internet needed more nail blogs (not) I just had to start one myself. Mostly just because I like to take pictures and write about stuff. I’m not aiming for hundreds of followers, I just want to have fun! .D I start off this blog with my latest package of polish. [...]