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More random

Two more polishes from my tiny stash I had before I started this blog (now it’s just a little less tiny) I’m His Coral-Friend. A coral jelly. I love/hate this one. It’s hard to apply without getting VNL (visible nail line, haha hate that abbreviation) and the color isn’t really that good on me. But [...]

Random OPI

These two are from my tiny stash I had before I started this blog. Otherwise Engaged. This is a sheer light pink with a pretty pink/purple flash/shimmer or whatever it’s called. Heart Throb. This one is old, I got it a couple of years ago so the brush is skinny and not one of those [...]

3 green models own

I’m not sure how I feel about greens. I’m more of a purple person. And turquoise. But greens? Dunno. Peacock Green. Oh, how I love this color. Maybe because it’s not just green but blue as well. Awesome. Green Grass. Kind of jelly-ish I guess. I think this is 3 coats. Green Tea isn’t color [...]

Essie winter 2009

I know, a little late maybe. But I got these when they came out, and since I just love these (especially the red one! lollipop in my <3) I wanted to swatch them now when I have a blog to show them to. And also I kind of think the colors fit right in with [...]