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OPI DS Extravagance. Well this is a nice purple. Reminds me of color clubs wild at heart, but it’s more red toned, and not a holo. Although it does have holographic/prismatic glitter. Really pretty! I need to get more DS polishes.


China Glaze L8R G8R from the OMG! collection. Amazing holo. I did have some opacity problems, I had to do 4 coats actually. But with an end result like this, I don’t care. AWESOME.

one down, 239578936 to go

Woho! I now have the complete vintage vixen collection .DD Plus another holo.  I will never complete the OMG! collection, that’s just not realistic. I wish china glaze could re-release it, and the kaleidoscope collection. Ingrid & Classic Camel Goin’ My Way? & Hey Doll Foxy & L8R G8R


We’ll crucify the insincere tonight, We’ll make things right, we’ll feel it all tonight! Ahem. The polish is almost as good as the song. This is China Glaze 2NITE Pretty good application but it has that holo formula problem, you have to be careful while painting so you don’t get bald spots. I think I [...]

Tickle my triangle

Seriously, what kind of a name is that? It sounds really dirty. Tickle my triangle? WTF? Or is it just me that has a filthy filthy mind? Is it supposed to be sexual? This is china glaze tickle my triangle: Sorry again for the crappy pics ,(( But hey, it’s better with crappy pics than [...]

octa gone wild

This makes me so happy. Material happiness at its best. It’s so awesome it’s almost over the top, making me feel like I look like a cheep whore. But that’s OK because I hardly ever leave my apartment so no one will notice ,D This is China Glaze Octa Gone Wild: The first pic is [...]

sweet, what does mine say?

Ok, I wasn’t supposed to buy more polish in a while, but then suddenly 8ty8 had some of the china glaze kaleidoscope and I realised that if I didn’t buy them now, god nows when I would be able to again. But before I show you the awful cell phone pics of my newly acquired [...]

and now some color club

As promised, I’m now starting on the color clubs! .D Tangerine Scream. The shimmer’s not silver, it’s greenish. I promise! What a Shock! I suspect that you know these are a lot more “in your face” and neon irl. Oh, how I wish it were easier to capture a neon on photo .( Worth the [...]


Managed to catch the last rays of sunshine! This is China Glaze DV8. Holo <3 I just love holos. They’re so freakin awesome! This is two coats, no top coat. It’s my birthday on friday, I wish for the rest of this collection ,D (well except for TMI…)

Wild At Heart

This post is dedicated to one of my readers, Sanna .D I present to you, the amazing Color Club – Wild At Heart My camera isn’t that good at capturing holo effects. So imagine that it’s a bit more holo. This is two coats and no top coat. Application was fairly good, a little thick [...]