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Katy Perry

Spring is in the air and all of a sudden I felt like posting again. But it’ll be a short one with only bottle pics of the OPI Katy Perry collection. Which you all by now seen a million times I guess. But I don’t care! ,* OPI The One That Got Away & Not [...]

Some more Models Own

Deep Purple. This is so damn awesome. I love it like crazy. This picture doesn’t do it justice. It’s a dark smoky purple with kind of a slight duochrome-oilslick thing going on. I’m so glad I ordered this. Purple Mystique. Another amazing polish. Notice the small glitter is in several colors. Blue/green, purple/pinkish. Red ‘n’ [...]

Models Own!

The last of my hauls for a while. Apparently you need to buy something called “food” and not only nail polish to survive. WTF? That sucks. You also need to pay your “bills” and other boring stuff. Pfft.

o rly?

The sun is out! But I’m tired, as usual. I’m mostly just hanging out with my pregnant cat in the bed. She’s just as tired as me, only thing is that she has a legit reason to be. These two polishes makes me a little happier though!