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Don’t really know what to say…

…other than thankyouthankyouthankyou! I have seen a lot of people writing about how nice and generous this community is. Now I know what they’re talking about. Sminkan has to be the nicest person on the block! She sent me 14 (yes, fourteen!!) additional polishes. Seriously, I got tears in my eyes when I opened the [...]

cleaning day

I haven’t polished my nails today, because when I woke up I had the sudden urge to do something about the mess a.k.a my apartment. I have a notion to start a project, like sorting,  rearrange furniture or things like that. And then get stuck in the middle of it, leaving things in a big [...]

Diamonds and rubies

It’s rainy today, and I actually want to keep my turquise kitty mani (wow, am I really going to have a polish on for more than 24 hours?!), so I’m going to show a swatch I did a while ago, on one of my favorite polishes. Sally Hansen Diamonds & Rubies. I really love it, [...]

hello, kitty!

It’s sunny today so I swatched the hello kitty polishes from H&M! Pink Kitty. Pink creme. I love this color, but the formula wasn’t the best. But hey, it’s a cheap h&m polish so you can’t expect that much ^^ Turquise Kitty. Yep, it’s spelled that way. A light blue/turquoise creme with teeny tiny silver [...]

ELF swatches + a kitty!

I swatched three of my ELF polishes today. Berry Pink. Very “meh”. Booooring. Wrong tone. I think it actually looks better in this pic than it does IRL. Makes me feel old, just like Misas No shrinking violetta. Punk Purple. I just don’t see what’s so “punk”. It’s a dusty berry creme. Again, I think [...]

Some more Models Own

Deep Purple. This is so damn awesome. I love it like crazy. This picture doesn’t do it justice. It’s a dark smoky purple with kind of a slight duochrome-oilslick thing going on. I’m so glad I ordered this. Purple Mystique. Another amazing polish. Notice the small glitter is in several colors. Blue/green, purple/pinkish. Red ‘n’ [...]

3 green models own

I’m not sure how I feel about greens. I’m more of a purple person. And turquoise. But greens? Dunno. Peacock Green. Oh, how I love this color. Maybe because it’s not just green but blue as well. Awesome. Green Grass. Kind of jelly-ish I guess. I think this is 3 coats. Green Tea isn’t color [...]

Essie winter 2009

I know, a little late maybe. But I got these when they came out, and since I just love these (especially the red one! lollipop in my <3) I wanted to swatch them now when I have a blog to show them to. And also I kind of think the colors fit right in with [...]

Models Own!

The last of my hauls for a while. Apparently you need to buy something called “food” and not only nail polish to survive. WTF? That sucks. You also need to pay your “bills” and other boring stuff. Pfft.


Ok, I did it. I ordered from elf. I didn’t want to. But it was soo cheeaap ;( They had 2 colors I wanted, and since buying only 2 felt silly, I bought 6. 2 I wanted, 2 I kind of wanted, perhaps, and black and white. I must say I am very impressed by [...]