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metal! \m/

My latest order from cherry culture arrived today .D Most of it is polishes from LA Girl’s metal collection. Can’t wait to try these, alkaline blue looks awesome!

Catch me in your net

My notd: OPI Catch me in your net from the summer flutter collection. This is 3 coats with top coat. Yes, there is VNL but it’s not that obvious IRL. No sun today .( with flash: It’s not really color accurate, it’s greener. I like this one, it’s pretty ^__^


todays notd: OPI ds reserve. two coats + top coat. Yesterdays notd: Chinga Glaze Rodeo Fanatic. Well, don’t really know if I can call it a notd, because I only did one hand, heh. Just didn’t feel like doing the other for some reason. I took a kind of cool picture of myself yesterday, I [...]

Models Own, again

Picked this package up yesterday!

Don’t really know what to say…

…other than thankyouthankyouthankyou! I have seen a lot of people writing about how nice and generous this community is. Now I know what they’re talking about. Sminkan has to be the nicest person on the block! She sent me 14 (yes, fourteen!!) additional polishes. Seriously, I got tears in my eyes when I opened the [...]


A week ago I decided to not file my nails until today, to see how much they actually grow. I planned to swatch the same polishes today so the comparison would be easier. Unfortunately, I can’t do that. Because I just had to try china glaze tempest. For comparison: my nails a week ago. Now [...]

OMG! Awesomeness overload!

Before I realised that I was totally and utterly broke, I ordered some polishes from 8ty8 and models own. I got the ones from 8ty8 today. And OMG. These are some of the most beautiful polishes I’ve ever seen. I haven’t seen so many IRL, so maybe that doesn’t really tell anything about how awesome [...]

hello, kitty!

It’s sunny today so I swatched the hello kitty polishes from H&M! Pink Kitty. Pink creme. I love this color, but the formula wasn’t the best. But hey, it’s a cheap h&m polish so you can’t expect that much ^^ Turquise Kitty. Yep, it’s spelled that way. A light blue/turquoise creme with teeny tiny silver [...]

I hope tomorrow will be better

This post will be a bit personal. I hope you don’t mind. You can just scroll down to the pics, I won’t be offended. I suffer from something called dysthymia. It’s like a depression, just not as intense and for a longer period of time. For me it’s been so long I can’t even remember [...]

3 green models own

I’m not sure how I feel about greens. I’m more of a purple person. And turquoise. But greens? Dunno. Peacock Green. Oh, how I love this color. Maybe because it’s not just green but blue as well. Awesome. Green Grass. Kind of jelly-ish I guess. I think this is 3 coats. Green Tea isn’t color [...]