OPI Burlesque swatches part 1

I am so happy about these! When the weather get gloomy, I don’t wanna paint my nails in an equally gloomy color. I want something that glows, and cheer me up. These certainly does! And around Christmas they will be totally awesome.

Ali’s Big Break
A red glitter, glass fleck style. It covers in 2 coats, but I added a third for depth. If you look closely, there is pink and gold flecks in it too, but it’s not that prominent on the nail.

Rising Star
A deep and warm gold microglitter. It’s just too sparkly to be a shimmer, specially in indoor lightning! Indoors ju can also see that there is a small amount of green microglitter in it.

Take The Stage
An intense copper microglitter. It doesn’t really suit my skin tone, but I hope you can see past that. I think it will look fantastic on the right person.

The Show Must Go On
This one is interesting. It’s a darker pink, and there is some duochrome action going on. When you look at it directly, at almost looks cool toned. But then, at some angles, the gold microglitter shows up and makes it a warmer color.

Let Me Entertain You
Ooh, I love this one, but I’m a sucker for these fuchsia/magenta colored polishes. This has glass fleck glitter, in the bottle it shows some duochrome, but it isn’t visible on the nail.

Tease-y Does It
A very dusty dark plum with glass fleck glitter. This one also look duochrome-ish in the bottle, but on the nail only copper and pink glitter shows.

I thought all of these had a good formula and were easy to work with. Most only needed 2 coats, but I did 3. I have to say, removal was not so fun. Specially rising star, I had glitter all over my hands! But with a little extra remover and a good hand wash, you get glitter free.

So, what do you think? Do they live up to your expectations?

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OPI Burlesque collection

Ok, I’m not gonna waste any time and write about the event, I’ll do that tomorrow, with swatches. I just wanna show you these bottle pictures ASAP!

Show it and glow it! & Bring on the bling

Extra-va-vaganza & Glow up already!

Simmer & Shimmer & Sparkle-icious

Rising star & The show must go on!

Tease-y does it & Let me entertain you

Take the stage & Ali’s big break

So, what do you think? .D Any lemmings?

Swiss package!

Look what I got yesterday! Awesome!! The whole OPI Swiss collection .DD

Cuckoo for this color & The color to watch

From A to Z-urich & Color so hot it Berns

Just a little rösti at this & Lucerne-tainly look marvelous

Ski teal we drop & Yodel me on my cell

I’m Suzi & I’m a chocoholic & Glitzerland

OPI William Tell me about OPI & Diva of Geneva

Later today, I hope I will have a pretty awesome post for you… .DD Not swiss, but still OPI related… ,D

Dark shimmers

Trying to get into autumn mood, I swatched some dark shimmers today!

Diamond Cosmetics Cherry Tobacco

Color Club Groove Thang

Color Club Catwalk Queen

They all pretty much just looks black in overcast, but if you get some sun or a bright light, they become rather nice. It’s a shame really, that autumn colors (I count dark shimmers as autumn colors anyway) looks best in sunlight. Because, well at least in Sweden, autumn doesn’t offer that much sun.

Well, now I’m going back to my chore of the day – cleaning up my apartment!

Hey Bogie, Goin’ My Way?

At last, the rest of vintage vixen!

Goin’ My Way?

Hey Doll


I’m not really in love with these, but I like them more and more.

I know you do…

How many of you want this hoody? Haha awesome!

Picture taken from Outcast

Jitterbug & Midnight Mission

These two are among my favorites in the china glaze vintage vixen collection.


Midnight Mission

Great formula on both. I’m trying to get all vintage vixens swatched asap, so I can start with OPIs Swiss collection as soon as I get them (which should be tomorrow), and you know what? Next week, I’ll hopefully be able to show you OPIs new Burlesque collection! .D I’m so excited!

New H&M

So, yesterday P’ssion posted about these two babies and I knew I just had to get them. They’re awesome. Just look at that green! It’s even better IRL.

H&M Spending Cash With Carl & Envy Me

I also got this one, Happy Purple


OPI DS Extravagance. Well this is a nice purple. Reminds me of color clubs wild at heart, but it’s more red toned, and not a holo. Although it does have holographic/prismatic glitter. Really pretty! I need to get more DS polishes.

First Class Ticket

Yet another from the vintage vixen collection by China Glaze, First Class Ticket. Nice but nothing special.