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Coral gold

Before I turned into a nubbin, I swatched two of the minis from the Sephora by OPI Havana nights.

Caliente Coral. A really orange coral. Application was ok. Can’t remember if this is 2 or 3 coats…

Rumba Romance. I needed 4 coats of this. Makes me think of Inca gold.

I am soo tired right now. I need to clean my kitchen and stuff tonight. I have already done a lot but there is still things left to do. Why do I have to have such a messy kitchen?

Happy birthday to me!

Yes, it’s my 24th birthday today. I’m not really fond of my birthdays these days, since it’s one of those times when it is really noticeable that I have no friends. Don’t get me wrong, it’s mainly my own choice. But it kind of bugs me,¬† when people start asking if I’m going to have a party, if I received lots of congratulations etc and I have to explain¬† “well, no, I won’t and I haven’t, I have no friends” and they don’t believe me since if you have no friends, you’re total freak.

Aaanyway… I got a package today! Not a birthday present, but a giveaway I won at Polish Galore!

It’s a Sephora by OPI Havana Nights mini set ^__^ From left to right: Teal we meet again, Read my palm, Rumba Romance and Caliente Coral. I love minis because they are so darn cute! Thank you Krystal <3