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Sweet sweet haul, how I have missed you! <3 And how I have missed you TD! So much that I am expecting another order this week. Heh.

(Sorry for crappy pics)

China Glaze Emerald Fitzgerald

Orly Royal Navy & China Glaze Midnight Mission

China Glaze First Class Ticket & Bogie

China Glaze Raspberry Festival & Riveter Rouge

China Glaze Cherry Pie & Orange Marmalade


Finally some sun today! The last couple of days have been very gloomy and therefore I haven’t swatched anything. When I saw the sun my original plan was to swatch the remaining color clubs, but then I got Orly Bailamos from my mom, and it was so pretty I had to put it on instantly! I luubs it. It has a greenish shimmer to it, but since my camera for some reason don’t like green, it doesn’t show that well on my pic. But seriously, I love this polish. I don’t really know why, but there’s something about it that just makes me feel comfortable. For me, that’s what makes a great polish. A polish that when you wear it, it feels like it belong there. Like you were born with that color on your nails. What’s your thoughts about this, what makes a great polish for you?

o rly?

The sun is out! But I’m tired, as usual. I’m mostly just hanging out with my pregnant cat in the bed. She’s just as tired as me, only thing is that she has a legit reason to be. These two polishes makes me a little happier though!

Orly - La Vida Loca

Orly - Fantasea

3 packs of joy

Seriously, I’m overwhelmed. First I got my package from Cherry Culture. Some hour later my pack with Nfu Ohs arrived. AND THEN one from TD. This is awesome. Unfortunately it’s cloudy but I went ahead and took pictures of the bottles anyway. I have re-taken the photos now, in sunshine! There were so many to photograph so I went with quantity, not quality, heh. Ooohh I’m just so happy, SO MANY POLISHES!!

Color Club - Electronica & Groove Thang

Color Club - Fashion Addict & Worth The Risque

Color Club - Ultra Violet & Pure Energy

Color Club - Tangerine Scream & What a Shock!

Sinful Colors - I Love You & Color Club - Electro Candy

LA Colors - Fuel & Electric Charge

LA Colors - Radiation & Fiji Purple

NYX - Jungle & LA Girls - Paparazzi

LA Girls - Scandal & Groupie

Orly - La Vida Loca & Fantasea

Jordana - Hypnotizing & Boy Oh Boy

Nfu Oh - 48 & 52

Nfu Oh - 50 & 60

I think that’s all, can’t wait to try them on! .DDD

No, wait. I “forgot” one. One horrible bottle of… I dunno. Something horrible.

Jordana - Fuschia Flicker