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More random

Two more polishes from my tiny stash I had before I started this blog (now it’s just a little less tiny)

OPI - I'm His Coral-Friend

I’m His Coral-Friend. A coral jelly. I love/hate this one. It’s hard to apply without getting VNL (visible nail line, haha hate that abbreviation) and the color isn’t really that good on me. But for some strange reason I still like it.

China Glaze - Sci-fi

Sci-Fi. I think this one is cool in kind of a nerdy way. Can’t really describe it. Anyhow, application is fairly easy, most of the brush strokes disappear when it dries, and it dries pretty fast. Why don’t I use this more often?

Random OPI

These two are from my tiny stash I had before I started this blog.

OPI - Otherwise Engaged & Hearth Throb

OPI - Otherwise Engaged

Otherwise Engaged. This is a sheer light pink with a pretty pink/purple flash/shimmer or whatever it’s called.

OPI - Heart Throb

Heart Throb. This one is old, I got it a couple of years ago so the brush is skinny and not one of those flat wide ones. I bought this for full Swedish retail price, about $20. I was young and stupid ,)

The one that started it all

HELLO INTERNET. Did you miss me? Because I missed you. You left me for several hours and I was a SAD PANDA. I’m a serious internet-addict. I think I even went into withdrawal after two hours or something. Never ever leave me again internet, ok?

OnT: This is the polish that started my obsession. OPI La Paz-itively hot matte. I’ve used nail polish on occasion before, but never really got into it since I never had the patience to let it dry and therefore always screwed up my mani. But as you know, matte polishes dries in NO TIME. I was in love. And the color… awesome!! After this I found out about fast drying top coats, and I was hooked.

OPI - La Paz-itively Hot (matte)

OPI - La Paz-itively Hot (matte with top coat)


I forgot these, I got them last week in my (probably) last package from TD :(( Oh TD, how I will miss you ;(

Color Club - Revvvolution & Catwalk Queen

Color Club - Revvvolution

OPI - DS Extravagance & DS Reserve

OPI - DS Extravagance & DS Reserve