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Volcanoes and red polish

Until now I’ve thought that this volcano-ash cloud-thingy been kind of cool. I’m not planning on taking a flight so I’ve not been negatively affected. But, and a big but (big butt heeehehe) I just realised that I a couple of days ago made a TD order, and now I don’t know when (or even if) I’m going to get it. I also have a package from strawberry on the way with some necessary skin care, how am I going to survive? I sure hope the delivery companies are working out a solution to getting packages to Sweden. I mean, there is nothing more important than that I get my beauty supply ,D

Anyhow, today I’m wearing Essies Red Nouveau (from the spring collection), and it’s gorgeous. I think I like Lollipop (from the winter collection 2009) better though.

Essie - Red Nouveau