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Gun Dream

I guess you haven’t missed that Models Own is having 50% off everything. So I thought it would be appropriate to start swatching the colors I have that haven’t been swatched yet. First off, Gun Grey and Lilac Dream

Gun Grey. Went on flawlessly in two coats. It’s a really cool color, I love it!

Lilac Dream. I had some application problem with this one, it gets kind of streaky, but with 3 coats and top coat it evens out fairly good.

I have three more, Blue Gem, Turkish Delight and Top Turquoise, I will try to get them swatched tomorrow .D

hot pink

Today I swatched 3 hot pinks/fuschia/whatever. Why? Don’t know, seemed like fun.

Models Own – Pink Punk. One of those pinks with a blue flash. Nothing out of the ordinary. 3 coats.

Models Own – Bubblegum. Dude, did I just almost capture a neon with my camera?! Cool. I think this is 3 coats. Plus top coat, since it’s a neon it dries matte/satin.

LA Girl – Paparazzi. Aw, I’m so sad I didn’t capture the sparkly sparkles. This one glitters a lot. But it’s quite sheer, this is 4 coats and you still see the nail line. I love it anyway.

I don’t have much to say today, apparently.

Models Own, again

Picked this package up yesterday!

Pink Punk & Bubblegum

Lilac Dream & Top Turquoise

Turkish Delight & Blue Gem

Gun Grey & Dusty Mauve

Some more Models Own

Models Own - Deep Purple

Deep Purple. This is so damn awesome. I love it like crazy. This picture doesn’t do it justice. It’s a dark smoky purple with kind of a slight duochrome-oilslick thing going on. I’m so glad I ordered this.

Models Own - Purple Mystique

Purple Mystique. Another amazing polish. Notice the small glitter is in several colors. Blue/green, purple/pinkish.

Models Own - Red 'n' Black

Red ‘n’ Black. A red toned black. Nothing more to say about this one.

Models Own - Pink Sorbet

Pink Sorbet. Haha OMG, this is such an intense color. Love it though! Makes me happy.

So far, I love Models Own. Their formulas are good, the colors are awesome, and the price is ok. I am going to order more polishes as soon as I can!

3 green models own

I’m not sure how I feel about greens. I’m more of a purple person. And turquoise. But greens? Dunno.

Models Own - Peacock Green

Peacock Green. Oh, how I love this color. Maybe because it’s not just green but blue as well. Awesome.

Models Own - Green Grass

Green Grass. Kind of jelly-ish I guess. I think this is 3 coats.

Models Own - Green Tea

Green Tea isn’t color accurate AT ALL. I’ve tried to get it right, but it’s just not possible. The color is more like the one below, but not quite, I just couldn’t find the right color. It’s more saturated perhaps. This is the only one I used top coat on (I’m too penurious to use top coat on swatches), since it dried kind of matte/satin.

ps. Feline, let me know if you want Green Grass and/or Green Tea, I know you love greens! And I don’t ;)

Models Own!

The last of my hauls for a while. Apparently you need to buy something called “food” and not only nail polish to survive. WTF? That sucks. You also need to pay your “bills” and other boring stuff. Pfft.

Deep Purple & Purple Mystique

Purple Mystique

Peacock Green & Red'n'Black

Green Grass & Green Tea

Pink Sorbet & Magenta Divine