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New H&M

So, yesterday P’ssion posted about these two babies and I knew I just had to get them. They’re awesome. Just look at that green! It’s even better IRL.

H&M Spending Cash With Carl & Envy Me

I also got this one, Happy Purple

I can read!

Today, I had enough. I went down to the local mall and bought myself a cf-card reader so I can use my DSLR again! No more crappy mobile phone pics! .D And of course, I had to buy the new hello kitty polishes from H&M.

They have the very imaginative names “Glitter silver” and “Glitter purple”.

H&M Summer

A couple of days ago I went down to my local H&M and picked up two new hello kitty polishes. These were a little bit cheaper than the ones I bought before. And let me tell you, you can tell it is. I tried the purple, and I gave up because the formula was so terrible, haha! I don’t know about the pink, but my guess is that it’s not any better. They’re cute though!

Don’t really know what to say…

…other than thankyouthankyouthankyou! I have seen a lot of people writing about how nice and generous this community is. Now I know what they’re talking about. Sminkan has to be the nicest person on the block! She sent me 14 (yes, fourteen!!) additional polishes. Seriously, I got tears in my eyes when I opened the package. I have a very cynical view on mankind, and this made me believe that there actually still exist some wonderful people out there. I am overwhelmed by the kindness, and so very grateful <3

These are the ones I got;

BB Couture - Nitro Injected & Essie - Shelter Island

CND - Hyde In The Dark & Jordana - Night Fall

H&M - Beautylicious & Color Club - Velvet Rope & China Glaze - Ruby Pumps

Cover Girl - Sheer Orchid & Viva La Diva - 39

LA Girl - Chromium Green & China Glaze - Outta Bounds

Sinful Colors - Aqua & Nubar - Passionate Purple & Jessica - Midnight Moonlight

I’ve tried to color correct them, but some where just impossible. Oh, and I can now proudly say that my polish collection has reached 100+!  .D

hello, kitty!

It’s sunny today so I swatched the hello kitty polishes from H&M!

H&M - Pink Kitty

Pink Kitty. Pink creme. I love this color, but the formula wasn’t the best. But hey, it’s a cheap h&m polish so you can’t expect that much ^^

H&M - Turquise Kitty

Turquise Kitty. Yep, it’s spelled that way. A light blue/turquoise creme with teeny tiny silver glitter in it. I had to get this one since both Alizarine and schmut were raving about it. And I see why, because it’s a lovely polish!

going with the flow

Well, everyone else is doing it, so I wanna try it too… I’m talking about a giveaway! This is just a teeny tiny giveaway to see what all the fuss is about. It seems fun and I want in on it too. So I call this a test drive. My giveaway/contest is about coming up with a good naming theme for my kittens. This is what you can get (I know, I told you it was tiny!)

Read more about the giveaway (and how to enter) HERE

You can also find my giveaway page in the menu to the right.

tiny i-gotz-my-moneyz-haul

Okok as I said, I went to the mall and my local pharmacy as soon as they opened today, to get my meds and buy stuff (if you have moneyz you have to buy stuff, that’s the rule). So this is todays mini-haul!

So this is what I got, back to front: Eco cert Raspberry & melon hand cream, my meds (which cost me a whopping $68 for a months use), turquise kitty polish, pink kitty polish, tropical berry lip gloss and a self warming, pore cleansing face mask. All from H&M (expect for my meds of course, haha!).