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Sweet sweet haul, how I have missed you! <3 And how I have missed you TD! So much that I am expecting another order this week. Heh.

(Sorry for crappy pics)

China Glaze Emerald Fitzgerald

Orly Royal Navy & China Glaze Midnight Mission

China Glaze First Class Ticket & Bogie

China Glaze Raspberry Festival & Riveter Rouge

China Glaze Cherry Pie & Orange Marmalade

Models Own, again

Picked this package up yesterday!

Pink Punk & Bubblegum

Lilac Dream & Top Turquoise

Turkish Delight & Blue Gem

Gun Grey & Dusty Mauve

OMG! Awesomeness overload!

Before I realised that I was totally and utterly broke, I ordered some polishes from 8ty8 and models own. I got the ones from 8ty8 today. And OMG. These are some of the most beautiful polishes I’ve ever seen. I haven’t seen so many IRL, so maybe that doesn’t really tell anything about how awesome they are… But I think I actually gasped when I saw them, haha.

China Glaze - DV8 & Rodeo Fanatic

China Glaze - DV8

China Glaze - Rodeo Fanatic

China Glaze - Let's Groove & Tempest

China Glaze - Let's Groove

China Glaze - Tempest

Color Club - Wild At Heart

Of course I can’t really capture their awesomeness with my camera. I am SO glad I got these and they are well worth having to eat crisp bread (knäckebröd) the rest of the month!

tiny i-gotz-my-moneyz-haul

Okok as I said, I went to the mall and my local pharmacy as soon as they opened today, to get my meds and buy stuff (if you have moneyz you have to buy stuff, that’s the rule). So this is todays mini-haul!

So this is what I got, back to front: Eco cert Raspberry & melon hand cream, my meds (which cost me a whopping $68 for a months use), turquise kitty polish, pink kitty polish, tropical berry lip gloss and a self warming, pore cleansing face mask. All from H&M (expect for my meds of course, haha!).

Models Own!

The last of my hauls for a while. Apparently you need to buy something called “food” and not only nail polish to survive. WTF? That sucks. You also need to pay your “bills” and other boring stuff. Pfft.

Deep Purple & Purple Mystique

Purple Mystique

Peacock Green & Red'n'Black

Green Grass & Green Tea

Pink Sorbet & Magenta Divine

it never ends

There is more! Hail to the haul! I have also got my order from BoozyShop, which contained 10 diamond cosmetics polishes. I’ve got to that point where I don’t know anymore how I am going to store my polishes. So far I’ve had them in a box, but since I’m up to 77 bottles now, they don’t fit in that box anymore. I have to figure out a good solution to this problem. And no, I don’t want a helmer :/

Razzmatazz & Gypsy Pink

Fiery Coral & Hot Summer Pink

Fuschia Flash & Sparkling Sherry

Cherry Tobacco & Starry Night

Metallic Blue & Monarch Masquerade


Ok, I did it. I ordered from elf. I didn’t want to. But it was soo cheeaap ;( They had 2 colors I wanted, and since buying only 2 felt silly, I bought 6. 2 I wanted, 2 I kind of wanted, perhaps, and black and white. I must say I am very impressed by the formula! Most of them are 1-coaters! There is two down sides though, 1. the brush. It’s clunky and made it difficult not to make a mess. I hate messes. 2. The total lack of interesting colors. Could it be more boring? Dear ELF, if you read this, please pretty please change the brush and for Gods sake MAKE MORE AMUSING COLORS. If you do I will be your number one fan. Or something. At least then I will buy from you again.

Dark Navy & Royal Purple (the ones I actually wanted)

Punk Purple & Berry Pink

Black & White

The last pic of the black and white looks kind of nasty, the black bottle is all dirty (black polish I guess because I can’t get it off) and the white bottle was broke when I got it so it’s also all dirty. Bleh.

My NOTD; e.l.f – dark navy. (basecoat) 1 coat plus top coat.

E.L.F - Dark Navy

3 packs of joy

Seriously, I’m overwhelmed. First I got my package from Cherry Culture. Some hour later my pack with Nfu Ohs arrived. AND THEN one from TD. This is awesome. Unfortunately it’s cloudy but I went ahead and took pictures of the bottles anyway. I have re-taken the photos now, in sunshine! There were so many to photograph so I went with quantity, not quality, heh. Ooohh I’m just so happy, SO MANY POLISHES!!

Color Club - Electronica & Groove Thang

Color Club - Fashion Addict & Worth The Risque

Color Club - Ultra Violet & Pure Energy

Color Club - Tangerine Scream & What a Shock!

Sinful Colors - I Love You & Color Club - Electro Candy

LA Colors - Fuel & Electric Charge

LA Colors - Radiation & Fiji Purple

NYX - Jungle & LA Girls - Paparazzi

LA Girls - Scandal & Groupie

Orly - La Vida Loca & Fantasea

Jordana - Hypnotizing & Boy Oh Boy

Nfu Oh - 48 & 52

Nfu Oh - 50 & 60

I think that’s all, can’t wait to try them on! .DDD

No, wait. I “forgot” one. One horrible bottle of… I dunno. Something horrible.

Jordana - Fuschia Flicker

China Glaze x 8

Yesterday I got a package from TD, the one with 8 china glazes. Kind of impressed by the fact that it didn’t take more than 3 days longer than usual to get delivered!

I didn’t get anything spectacular, but since I don’t have that many polishes yet, and kind of catching up, I buy pretty much everything and anything. I got 4 from the Up and Away collection:

China Glaze - Something Sweet and Grape Pop

China Glaze - Heli-Yum and Sugar High

I also got these;

China Glaze - TMI

China Glaze - Its Poppin'

China Glaze - Caribbean Blue

China Glaze - Strawberry Fields

And, um, I kinda ordered 4 more polishes last night. That makes 20 within 24 hours. Personal best!