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Dark shimmers

Trying to get into autumn mood, I swatched some dark shimmers today!

Diamond Cosmetics Cherry Tobacco

Color Club Groove Thang

Color Club Catwalk Queen

They all pretty much just looks black in overcast, but if you get some sun or a bright light, they become rather nice. It’s a shame really, that autumn colors (I count dark shimmers as autumn colors anyway) looks best in sunlight. Because, well at least in Sweden, autumn doesn’t offer that much sun.

Well, now I’m going back to my chore of the day – cleaning up my apartment!

NOTD: Diamond Cosmetics – Fiery Coral

This is my NOTD, Diamond Cosmetics – Fiery Coral. It feels very summerish. This one has tiny tiny glitters in pink/red, blue, and gold, which makes it quite interesting.

Diamond Cosmetics - Fiery Coral

Now I’m off to take a walk in the sun, trying to get my sickly pale skin some D-vitamin!

NOTD: Diamond Cosmetics – Hot Summer Pink

This one eats top coat for breakfast.

Diamond Cosmetics - Hot Summer Pink

it never ends

There is more! Hail to the haul! I have also got my order from BoozyShop, which contained 10 diamond cosmetics polishes. I’ve got to that point where I don’t know anymore how I am going to store my polishes. So far I’ve had them in a box, but since I’m up to 77 bottles now, they don’t fit in that box anymore. I have to figure out a good solution to this problem. And no, I don’t want a helmer :/

Razzmatazz & Gypsy Pink

Fiery Coral & Hot Summer Pink

Fuschia Flash & Sparkling Sherry

Cherry Tobacco & Starry Night

Metallic Blue & Monarch Masquerade