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Dark shimmers

Trying to get into autumn mood, I swatched some dark shimmers today!

Diamond Cosmetics Cherry Tobacco

Color Club Groove Thang

Color Club Catwalk Queen

They all pretty much just looks black in overcast, but if you get some sun or a bright light, they become rather nice. It’s a shame really, that autumn colors (I count dark shimmers as autumn colors anyway) looks best in sunlight. Because, well at least in Sweden, autumn doesn’t offer that much sun.

Well, now I’m going back to my chore of the day – cleaning up my apartment!

and now some color club

As promised, I’m now starting on the color clubs! .D

Tangerine Scream. The shimmer’s not silver, it’s greenish. I promise!

What a Shock! I suspect that you know these are a lot more “in your face” and neon irl. Oh, how I wish it were easier to capture a neon on photo .(

Worth the Risque. It’s sure worth it, I tell you!

Color Club do know how to make awesome polish. I can’t wait to see more of their new collection, it looks like there could be one or many interesting polishes in it! .D But I have to confess I’m more curious about Misas new collection… that one sure looks awesome ^__^

Don’t really know what to say…

…other than thankyouthankyouthankyou! I have seen a lot of people writing about how nice and generous this community is. Now I know what they’re talking about. Sminkan has to be the nicest person on the block! She sent me 14 (yes, fourteen!!) additional polishes. Seriously, I got tears in my eyes when I opened the package. I have a very cynical view on mankind, and this made me believe that there actually still exist some wonderful people out there. I am overwhelmed by the kindness, and so very grateful <3

These are the ones I got;

BB Couture - Nitro Injected & Essie - Shelter Island

CND - Hyde In The Dark & Jordana - Night Fall

H&M - Beautylicious & Color Club - Velvet Rope & China Glaze - Ruby Pumps

Cover Girl - Sheer Orchid & Viva La Diva - 39

LA Girl - Chromium Green & China Glaze - Outta Bounds

Sinful Colors - Aqua & Nubar - Passionate Purple & Jessica - Midnight Moonlight

I’ve tried to color correct them, but some where just impossible. Oh, and I can now proudly say that my polish collection has reached 100+!  .D

Wild At Heart

This post is dedicated to one of my readers, Sanna .D

I present to you, the amazing Color Club – Wild At Heart

My camera isn’t that good at capturing holo effects. So imagine that it’s a bit more holo. This is two coats and no top coat. Application was fairly good, a little thick maybe. I had to do a bit more clean up than usual, but that’s not the polish fault. To keep myself awake during the day I take caffeine pills, and that makes my hands really shaky! That makes painting my nails neatly almost impossible, haha.

Well, I have to say I love Wild At Heart. It’s awesome. Really. I’ve been lemming this for a while, and it didn’t disappoint me at all, being just as wonderful as I thought it would be!

OMG! Awesomeness overload!

Before I realised that I was totally and utterly broke, I ordered some polishes from 8ty8 and models own. I got the ones from 8ty8 today. And OMG. These are some of the most beautiful polishes I’ve ever seen. I haven’t seen so many IRL, so maybe that doesn’t really tell anything about how awesome they are… But I think I actually gasped when I saw them, haha.

China Glaze - DV8 & Rodeo Fanatic

China Glaze - DV8

China Glaze - Rodeo Fanatic

China Glaze - Let's Groove & Tempest

China Glaze - Let's Groove

China Glaze - Tempest

Color Club - Wild At Heart

Of course I can’t really capture their awesomeness with my camera. I am SO glad I got these and they are well worth having to eat crisp bread (knäckebröd) the rest of the month!


Well this sure is something different. I still can not sleep. My brain and body are apparently on speed and just can’t cool down. I hope I will get tired soon. wantz to zleep.

Ok, onto something more interesting! This is yesterdays notd; color club – revvvolution. A black/grey holo. Amazing!

Color Club - Revvvolution

For some reason my camera was very forgiving yesterday, because my cuticles are in a really bad shape, and I only have myself to blame. But it doesn’t really show. I did something stupid. I read somewhere that you could cut your cuticles (but it was bad to do it). I didn’t know you could cut them. So I thought for myself “That sounds really stupid. Why would you ever do something like that?… I have to try it.” So I did. No catastrophes though, but my cuticles aren’t happy. I’m taking good care of them now.


I forgot these, I got them last week in my (probably) last package from TD :(( Oh TD, how I will miss you ;(

Color Club - Revvvolution & Catwalk Queen

Color Club - Revvvolution

OPI - DS Extravagance & DS Reserve

OPI - DS Extravagance & DS Reserve

Pure Energy?

Aw, my poor kitty cat, she’s so tired, she just sleeps on top of the stereo all day long. She will give birth to her kittens any day now, for her sake I hope very soon because I think that huge stomach is a bit too much to carry around now. Lol, she looks like a fat tick in this picture :)

My pregnant cat Annwn

Onto something more energetic! 3 out of the 5 color club electro candy collection polishes I got. They all have this blue-greenish shimmer but it doesn’t really show in the pics (looks more silvery for some reason). Ultra violet is my favorite I think.

Color Club - Electro Candy

Color Club - Ultra Violet

Color Club - Pure Energy

Color Club – Fashion Addict

This is the first time ever I wear a holo. I’m amazed. It’s so damn fascinating! On the other hand, I’m so new at this that I’m fascinated by pretty much everything ,D

Color Club - Fashion Addict

Close-up awesomeness!

There are a few things I think just needs a little extra attention. Some awesome things.

Color Club - Electronica

LA Girls - Groupie

Nfu Oh - 52

Nfu Oh - 60

Sinful Colors - I Love You