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Strawberry Fields again

China Glaze Strawberry Fields. I know I have already showed this one before, but let’s be honest, I’m much better at taking pics now, and my nails look a lot better ,D And this polish deserves better pictures. It’s not as juicy as the others in the summer days collection, but it’s really pretty. A safe pink but not boring because of the gold glass fleck glitter.

Riveter Rouge

I don’t think I’m ready for these autumn colors.

China Glaze Riveter Rouge, from the vintage vixen collection. It’s a pretty color, so sparkly and shiny. Great formula.

FYI, Color clubs 0-60 speedy top coat is crap. Really. Why didn’t anyone tell me?

Raspberry Festival

I just frickin’ LOVE the summer days collection by china glaze. It’s so awesome. And they looks so… juicy. Today I’m wearing Raspberry Festival.

Second picture is with flash but the first one is more color accurate, it’s a cool toned red. You can get away with two coats if you’re careful and don’t care about VNL, but this is 3 coats. Or maybe 4. Don’t really remember but I think I did 3 and then made a fourth just because I could. For maximum color for the photos.

Today I’m going to IKEA. I’m not getting a helmer.


We’ll crucify the insincere tonight,
We’ll make things right, we’ll feel it all tonight!

Ahem. The polish is almost as good as the song. This is China Glaze 2NITE

Pretty good application but it has that holo formula problem, you have to be careful while painting so you don’t get bald spots. I think I like the OMG! collection more than the kaleidoscope. For some reason I don’t feel as white trash with this smaller holo particles.

Yeah swing it baby!

I’ve come to the conclusion that I have a very incomplete link list. So, please, if you would like to be on my list, please leave a comment with your blog address! And in return I would be very happy if you would like to put me on yours .) You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours? Deal? Awesome!

Onto the polish;

China Glaze Swing baby. It’s an interesting color, I guess if gold and silver had a baby, it would look kind of like swing baby. Maybe that’s what the name is saying. The gold couple and the silver couple went to a swingers party and then they accidentally had a bastard baby because someone forgot to use protection. That’s right kids, if you don’t want to have a swing baby, use some kind of contraceptive!

This is 3 coats plus top coat.

Tickle my triangle

Seriously, what kind of a name is that? It sounds really dirty. Tickle my triangle? WTF? Or is it just me that has a filthy filthy mind? Is it supposed to be sexual? This is china glaze tickle my triangle:

Sorry again for the crappy pics ,(( But hey, it’s better with crappy pics than no pics at all, right? What if I wrote a post about tickling my triangle without posting pics of the polish and you wouldn’t be sure what I was talking about and it would get real awkward… Hah, excuse my rambling, I haven’t slept in a day and during this time I have watched episode after episode of it’s always sunny in Philadelphia and they’re always talking about banging and yeah… sorry. It’s an awesome show though. I can’t wait for the new season to start!

octa gone wild

This makes me so happy. Material happiness at its best. It’s so awesome it’s almost over the top, making me feel like I look like a cheep whore. But that’s OK because I hardly ever leave my apartment so no one will notice ,D This is China Glaze Octa Gone Wild:

The first pic is with flash and the second without. The true color is somewhere between those two. Ah, I miss my real camera. I really need to fix so I can use it again. So what do you think, you like holos as much as I do? I wish I had the whole collection ,(

sweet, what does mine say?

Ok, I wasn’t supposed to buy more polish in a while, but then suddenly 8ty8 had some of the china glaze kaleidoscope and I realised that if I didn’t buy them now, god nows when I would be able to again. But before I show you the awful cell phone pics of my newly acquired family members, I need some help.  Someone did a post mentioning a Spanish brand that had made some holographic polishes. Who? And most importantly, what brand? I neeeeed to know! They looked really cool. I have to admit, I’m a holo ho, and I neeedz those polishes. Well, onto the pics

He’s going in circles & Tickle my triangle

Octa gone wild & Rated Holographic

2NITE & Swing baby

Why I bought swing baby instead of L8R G8R is still a mystery.

off with her head! …hair?

This was supposed to be my NOTD but I only did one hand, and then I changed my mind. Now I have nothing on because I can’t decide what to wear, haha.

China Glaze Emerald Fitzgerald

I did something drastic today. I cut my hair off .O Well, not that drastic since I’ve been thinking about it for a while. I don’t like having a lot of hair and it felt sooooo good to cut it off. I feel liberated! So, here is an awful webcam pic of me and my new haircut:

I kind of look like a 16 year old boy, but that’s cool with me ,D I like it.

Gotta catch’em all!

Three polishes from China Glaze Up and Away collection

Flyin’ High. It’s not that blue in real life, it’s a little bit more green and.. aw, what’s the word? Eh, forget it. You’ve probably already seen more color accurate swatches of this.

Peachy Keen. OMG this is so awful, just as horrible as I’d imagined it. It looks cute in the bottle though!

High Hopes. Nice but boring.

So, now you might wonder why I bought colors I thought were ugly and boring? The truth is that I’m a collector. To actually wear the polishes is just second to me. The main reason I buy them is to have them. It’s almost like a game, you collect things and you need to complete the collections to level up. You gotta catch’em all! I need my collections to be complete. Otherwise I have this feeling of unfinished business, and that’s no good. I know, it’s on the verge on being a kind of OCD, but that’s just the way I function. So, that is why I buy polishes I don’t even like. To complete collections. Right now I actually only have one complete collection, and that is the Summer Days collection by China Glaze. And now I’m getting closer to complete up and away. I’m “only” missing five. If anyone have any of those I’m missing and feel that they don’t need it, I think I might be able to adopt them ,D