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Free Love for Everyone

China Glaze Free Love. I thought this one would be difficult formula/opacity wise, but it was surprisingly nice. This is 3 coats and they went on smoothly. I want the whole retro diva collection! They all seem so glowy.

This week suck, it’s only Tuesday and I have already torn my right index nail off (all the way down to the nail bed, and then some…), got a huge split/peel on my right middle nail, and broke off a piece of the left one as well. Awesome. Not.

Hey Bogie, Goin’ My Way?

At last, the rest of vintage vixen!

Goin’ My Way?

Hey Doll


I’m not really in love with these, but I like them more and more.

Jitterbug & Midnight Mission

These two are among my favorites in the china glaze vintage vixen collection.


Midnight Mission

Great formula on both. I’m trying to get all vintage vixens swatched asap, so I can start with OPIs Swiss collection as soon as I get them (which should be tomorrow), and you know what? Next week, I’ll hopefully be able to show you OPIs new Burlesque collection! .D I’m so excited!

First Class Ticket

Yet another from the vintage vixen collection by China Glaze, First Class Ticket. Nice but nothing special.


China Glaze Foxy from the vintage vixen collection. This one just screams autumn! It’s a glowy brownish red. Good application and all that.


Ingrid from China Glaze Vintage Vixen collection. Ingrid is such a Swedish name. I had a school teacher once named Ingrid. Well, it’s mostly old people that’s called Ingrid nowadays. Just like Birgitta and Margaretha. It’s interesting how your name can tell how old you are. Not so long ago, Sweden made it easier to name your kid whatever you want, so now a lot of kids get crazy names. I know one kid that’s named Fantomen.

Classic Camel

Classic Camel from China Glaze Vintage Vixen collection. I really tried to like this color, but I don’t. As I stated before, I guess I’m not ready for these autumn colors. I hope I will be soon, because autumn colors are pretty. Autumn is pretty! I like it. I just don’t like the fact that after autumn comes winter. Winter makes me paralyzed.


China Glaze L8R G8R from the OMG! collection. Amazing holo. I did have some opacity problems, I had to do 4 coats actually. But with an end result like this, I don’t care. AWESOME.

Grape Juice

I know I know, I’ve done this one before too.

China Glaze Grape Juice

one down, 239578936 to go

Woho! I now have the complete vintage vixen collection .DD Plus another holo.  I will never complete the OMG! collection, that’s just not realistic. I wish china glaze could re-release it, and the kaleidoscope collection.

Ingrid & Classic Camel

Goin’ My Way? & Hey Doll

Foxy & L8R G8R