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Chicken wings

Sorry no polish, but just look at my kitten trying to eat raw chicken wings, isn’t he adorable? ,D

Diva of Geneva in sunlight

Had a little sun today, so I took some photos of my OPI diva of geneva mani, just for reference.

This color looks so different depending on what kind of light source you have!

And now for something completely different; aaww just look at this little cutie pie gremlin! ^___^

belton <3

I just realised that I haven’t showed you the love of my life. Her name is Belton and I love her so much my heart could explode. Of course I love all my cats very much, but belton is something special. She’s from France, so I had to fly down to Avignon to pick her up. She was actually kind of an impulse buy, but I have never for a second regret it. Oh, and btw, belton is the mother of zelda .)

In the pic above she is with her great grand child Alfons. Isn’t that just the cutest pic ever? <3

But to make something useful of this post, I want to get your feedback on a few things. First, I’m thinking of making a page with a list of my lemmings and one with my current stash. Is it interesting for others to see? Second, should I show you more pics of each polish, or is one enough? And third, is there anything else I could do to improve my blog? Really want to know what you think .)

ELF swatches + a kitty!

I swatched three of my ELF polishes today.

ELF - Berry Pink

Berry Pink. Very “meh”. Booooring. Wrong tone. I think it actually looks better in this pic than it does IRL. Makes me feel old, just like Misas No shrinking violetta.

ELF - Punk Purple

Punk Purple. I just don’t see what’s so “punk”. It’s a dusty berry creme. Again, I think it looks better in this pic than IRL. Nothing punk or edgy about this.

ELF - Royal Purple

Royal Purple. I love this one. Unlike the others, this one looks a lot more fantastic IRL. I promise, it’s lovely. I’m actually wearing this as a full manicure right now.

As I’ve said before, the formula is awesome. The price is awesome. The brush? Worthless. And I wish they had more interesting colors to choose from.

Oh, and just because she’s so cute, here’s a pic of one of my cats, Zelda!


no polish, just kitties

I just have to show you my kittens! They’re the cutest little things ever. They have no names yet, I name my kittens by themes, and I haven’t come up with a good theme yet. Any suggestions? Of course I’m thinking about naming them after polishes, or maybe having a ghetto tech/booty bass theme. I’m picky when it comes to naming my kittens, I want it to be perfect. The themes I’ve used so far is luchadores, bauhaus song titles, talking heads song titles, planes during WW2 and tracks by aphex twin. Ah well, I’ll figure it out eventually. Until then I’m just going to snuggle and cuddle and sniff them.