Spiezia facial starter set review

Posted by on September 23, 2010 at 6:45 pm.

First I’d like to thank you all for your foot care tips, I will try them out asap .)

In the middle of August I bought a facial starter set from Spiezia, and I decided to do a short review since some of you were interested. Spiezia makes organic and natural skin care products.

The facial starter set contains a facial cleanser, a gentle face scrub, a toner, a face oil and a more nourishing moisturizer. Everything except the toner is pretty much oils. I guess they are based on the oil cleansing method. The overall conclusion is that I like it. A lot. Everything smells sooo good and it feels nice to be using natural products. Until a few days ago, I never wanted to use anything else again! But, I have really dry skin. During the summer months it is almost normal, when autumn comes though, it starts to get crazy dry. So now my skin needs something with more (extreme) hydrating power.

It took a couple of days for my skin to adjust to all the oils (i.e. it looked very oily) but after that, my skin was soft, radiant, clean and everything nice, and matte! I was totally in love. One thing I really liked was to put the facial cleanser on before showering, the steam from the shower helped to open up the pores so it could do a deep cleansing, and the oil prevented the water to dry my skin out.

I am quite sad to give this up, since I loved it so. I promise you Spiezia, I will come back to you as soon as the weather permits. I would recommend this to everyone that doesn’t have as extremely dry skin as I have. At least try it out, the facial starter set doesn’t cost all too much.



  • Biba says:

    I like trying organic skin care products. Where can you buy this brand?

  • Migdall says:

    Their site and products look very nice. But I would prefer them to give the whole ingredient list on the site, not make me ask about each of them. Could you, please,give us the details about ingredients of this face stuff?

  • Matt says:

    Hi – sorry to jump onto the blog but I just saw this come through from google alerts.

    @Migdall – if you would like ingredients listings for the products please e-mail me at matt@spieziaorganics.com and i’ll happily send them over to you. Sorry they’re not on the site already – it was more of a design thing when we developed the website that we didn’t include the full ingredient listings but this will change when we re-develop the website.

    Also, if you’d like to try out the products, there are discounts on selected products on the website. 20% on some of the products and 10% on Christmas gifts – take a look on the website under special offers.

    @Krex – thank you for the review, it’s great to hear you’re enjoying the products!

  • Olivia says:

    Hi, I’ve just found your blog and have to say I love it and I’m so jealous by all your polishes! I’d love to see a collection post! x

  • wow, I am going to try this. great post!

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