OPI Burlesque swatches part 2

Posted by on September 16, 2010 at 7:13 pm.

Here’s the rest of the collection!

Show It And Glow It!

Bring On The Bling



Simmer & Shimmer

Glow Up Already!

I hope you can imagine how insanely sparkly these are. I used 3 coats on all the swatches.

I think Burlesque is an awesome Christmas collection, a lot of them feels really Christmas-y and makes you think of sparkly decorated Christmas trees. I love it. Although they might not all suit to wear to work, but who cares? One thing I like about these is that they all look fantastic in indoor lightning, which is something I appreciate.

OPI Burlesque collection will be available in Sweden from November (I think) at Kicks and Åhléns, among others. They cost 150 SEK. I think everyone needs at least one of the glitters for the new years eve-party!


  • Steelnpurple says:

    Ahhhhhhhhh I’m dying! These are so freaking gorge! PERFECT for the Holidays!! :-D

  • flinty says:


  • Ivana says:

    Show It And Glow It! I MUST get this one! <3 <3 Great swatches, tnx! :)

  • Lyndsay says:

    Are these very chunky and bumpy?

  • Mathilda Garbo says:

    I need them all! Do you know when they’ll be available on TD?
    Thanks for the amazing swatches :D

  • kkelliegonzo says:

    HOT DAMN! i need them all of course. your hands look amazing! i can’t imagine they were too happy with you after a swatchfest w/ glitters :) what do you use on your cuticles?

    • krex says:

      lots of lemony flutter! but between these swatches I used a cuticle & nail cream I just picked up at H&M since it absorbed faster.

  • Jackie S. says:

    This is like the entire family of “Absolutely Alice”!

  • Andrea says:

    Yeah, the cousins of Mad As A Hatter! ^^
    Guess they’re about the same in grittyness and such..?

    I don’t know which ones to get here..
    I want Show it and glow it! That I know.
    But then hmm.. I was thinking Sparkle-icious, but know I’m feeling Glow Up Already or Simmer and shimmer!

    1. How green is Glow up..?
    Can you tell it’s green or does it feel gold-y?
    2. How is the blue one in color compared to Absolutely Alice…?

    • krex says:

      If you put glow up beside bring on the bling, you can see that it is light green(ish), but on it’s own, it mostly looks like gold. Unfortunately, I don’t own Absolutely Alice, but Simmer & Shimmer contains a lot of silver, and some pink glitters.

      • Andrea says:

        thanks for answers!

        Oh, I’m disappointed with Glow Up.. I wanted it to be greener.
        Too bad You don’t have Alice! Go get it! ;)

  • Arrianne says:

    Simply gorgeous!

  • Ivana says:

    Do you have MAAH? Can you do a comparison with Sparkle-licious? :) Just to see the difference. x)

  • Rachael says:

    Wow – these? Are ALL gorgeous!! My favorite is Extra-Va-Vaganza! Thank you for the swatches!!!

  • Honi says:

    Älskar show it & glow it!

  • Polisholic says:

    Hi, when will these be available to purchase here in U.S? I can’t wait for thwm to come out, i want the whole collection. I really hope TD get them soon! Thanks for the swacthes though, and like someone mention earlier, will it be possible to do a comparison with MAAH, and Sparkle-icious? Those two polishes like very similer and would save me money for buying Sparkle-icious because i already have MAAH…

  • Ioewe says:

    Your swatches are so perfect!

  • starlight says:

    I like these glittery ones,especially the green one! Cute names too. Thanks for the swatches!

  • Polisholic says:

    Hi again, do u know any place as of now i can order this collection? I really dont know when this collection will be available in retail stores and was woundering if i can purchase it online… I can’t wait for this collection, iam so excited!! I think this is the best collection from OPI this year, because you have so much glize going on with all the glitter and shimmer, its insane in a gooood way!! Iam so glad u were able to do swacthes, because i was woundering when swacthes of this collection will be posted. Thanks for replying to the MAAH comparison, i check out the link with MAAH/sparkle-icious and their slightly different, but still looks identical…

  • Sv: Åh, tack finaste du! Det är sådana som du som verkligen motiverar mig att blogga. Fina kommentarer är så himla mycket värt. PUSS!

  • jenny says:


  • Mathilda Garbo says:

    Thank god! The collection is now available for order in TD!

  • Polisholic says:

    Yes, thank goodness!! I need them all…

  • Pamsan says:

    Någon på Tradera använder dina bilder. Vet inte om du blivit tillfrågad eller det kanske t o m är du som är säljaren? Tyckte jag kände igen bilderna och tänkte att du kanske ville veta. :)

  • Ine says:

    Where do you get all these? Do you own them or just borrow them somewhere? I live in Norway, and OPI costs 169,- NOK pr. bottle, which is insanely expensive! I just ordered “Sparkle-icious” and “Catch me in your net”, for a total of 110,- NOK, INCLUDING shipping! I LOVE eBay!!

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