OPI Burlesque swatches part 1

Posted by on September 15, 2010 at 7:24 pm.

I am so happy about these! When the weather get gloomy, I don’t wanna paint my nails in an equally gloomy color. I want something that glows, and cheer me up. These certainly does! And around Christmas they will be totally awesome.

Ali’s Big Break
A red glitter, glass fleck style. It covers in 2 coats, but I added a third for depth. If you look closely, there is pink and gold flecks in it too, but it’s not that prominent on the nail.

Rising Star
A deep and warm gold microglitter. It’s just too sparkly to be a shimmer, specially in indoor lightning! Indoors ju can also see that there is a small amount of green microglitter in it.

Take The Stage
An intense copper microglitter. It doesn’t really suit my skin tone, but I hope you can see past that. I think it will look fantastic on the right person.

The Show Must Go On
This one is interesting. It’s a darker pink, and there is some duochrome action going on. When you look at it directly, at almost looks cool toned. But then, at some angles, the gold microglitter shows up and makes it a warmer color.

Let Me Entertain You
Ooh, I love this one, but I’m a sucker for these fuchsia/magenta colored polishes. This has glass fleck glitter, in the bottle it shows some duochrome, but it isn’t visible on the nail.

Tease-y Does It
A very dusty dark plum with glass fleck glitter. This one also look duochrome-ish in the bottle, but on the nail only copper and pink glitter shows.

I thought all of these had a good formula and were easy to work with. Most only needed 2 coats, but I did 3. I have to say, removal was not so fun. Specially rising star, I had glitter all over my hands! But with a little extra remover and a good hand wash, you get glitter free.

So, what do you think? Do they live up to your expectations?


  • Jessica says:

    They are all gorgeous and I need each one! Thank you!

  • Sminkan says:

    De är fina men jag vet inte riktigt om jag behöver dem… Kanske. Jag hade gärna tagit emot dem som julklapp men frågan är om jag kommer köpa dem själv. Kanske ett par, tre. Vi får se. Eller så blir det som med OPI:s franska kollektion där jag först skulle ha två och sen plötsligt ägde hälften.

  • Nailspotting says:

    Tease-y Does It blir det nog för mig, jag är ju svag för bruna nyanser.

  • kkelliegonzo says:

    AWESOME! thanks :) beautiful swatches!

  • splattergirl says:

    definately the last one and only :D

  • jbrobeck says:

    your pics make me so exctied for these!

  • Sarah B. says:

    Omg…someone help me!!
    Let me entertain you is absolutely gorgeous!!!
    I will be getting all those except for take the stage and rising star.
    Great swatches!!

  • Jina says:

    Mmmm Tease-y Does It
    (oh yeah, did I mention it’s my b-day December 7th, hint hint? :p )

  • xtinaaj says:

    Finally some swatches, thanks! I think I’ll only get Teas-y does it.

  • Biba says:

    Oh, you’re killing me with these swatches! I want this collection!

  • Daph says:

    They honestly all look good to me now.. I was planning on getting Tease-y Does It! only from this set, but now I feel my wallet/bank account screaming because I *even* like the gold and the coppery ones and those are so not my colors normally!

    Thanks for the swatches, can’t wait till part 2 goes up :)

  • Caroline says:

    Omg so pretty! and about the removing part: take a cotton pad, cut it in half. then soak them with nail polish remover. then put the pads on your nails and wrap some foil around your nails. then let it soak for about 10-15 minutes. then take of the foil and if eveythings right it’s all gone. without any mess! if not, wipe off the excess and you’re done.

  • Jackie S. says:

    Awesome! and I need them all, darn it!

  • Arrianne says:

    Lord OPI hit this one out of the park! I love all of them except Rising Star and maybe Take the Stage. I’m drooling over here I cannot wait for these. I can imagine these and the glitters on my nails come winter. And ChG Holiday collection? *passes out*

  • Polisholic says:

    Wow! i really cant wait for these!! My favorite is Rising Star! Iam a sucker for gold polishes, love ur swacthes and as for those glitter polishes, i use 100% acetone because it gets every piece of glitter off with two cotton rubs! I promise it really works good for removing any nail polish, especially the micro-glitter or chucky glitter!!

  • Polishsis says:

    Wow wow wow Your swatsches are amazing and I just can’t wait to get my hands on the entire collection. Love it!

  • Shamini says:

    Absolutely loved your swatches, so all of these are going in my collection. I’m skipping the “glitter” ones though, didn’t really like those. Thank you for excellent swatches!

  • Polisholic says:

    Hi, i wanted to know about Tease-y-Does it, can u do a comparison with last year’s holiday collection with OPI, Merry Midnight? I know Merry Midnight is more purple and has green and red flackies in it, but Tease-y-Does it looks kind of similar to it… Thanks

    • krex says:

      I don’t have merry midnight (although I wish I did..), I have seen it though and I don’t think they are that similar. I think maybe my friend has it, I’ll see if I can borrow it, or if she can do a comparison! .)

  • Polisholic says:

    Hi, thanks for replying and yeah ur right, when i got home i realized they are not that simliar when i compared the pic of tease-y-does it and my bottle of merry midnight, i just cant wait to get my hands on them, i heard their available on TD already!! :-)))))

  • Hong Keay says:

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