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Ingrid from China Glaze Vintage Vixen collection. Ingrid is such a Swedish name. I had a school teacher once named Ingrid. Well, it’s mostly old people that’s called Ingrid nowadays. Just like Birgitta and Margaretha. It’s interesting how your name can tell how old you are. Not so long ago, Sweden made it easier to name your kid whatever you want, so now a lot of kids get crazy names. I know one kid that’s named Fantomen.


  • Arrianne says:

    You should see the names celebrities here in America give their kids. Stupid as hell. Your name, and mine as well, don’t really give away age. You’ve seen old and young with your name, and I’ve seen 30 somethings and younger with mine.

  • L says:

    You have beautiful nails!!!

  • Regine says:

    Famtomen? Virkelig?

    Here in Norway they’re not that crazy, luckily. Still I see a lot of kids with very old biblical names, and I really don’t like that trend. Not because I’m antireligion (I am) but because they’re horrible names IMO.

    Ingrid looks gorgeous on you. I love your nail shape and application. Wish I had your skills.

  • Ivy says:

    Wow, this one is gorgeous.

    Btw, I just found your blog and I love it (:

  • Kajalpennan says:

    And little babies. Since I had my baby I’ve noticed that there’re 3 kinds of parents.
    1) the ones that gives their child a name they like. A normal, pretty name without refernces
    2) the ones that absolutely have to give their child a familynamn (Ingrid, Astrid, Elmer)
    3) the ones that have to give their child a “unique” name. In a few year it will be 5 Fantomen and no Anna in a schoolclass. I belive it’s a bit ridiculous

    (btw, my sons name is Albin. Out of nowhere)

  • Julia says:

    I believe they were referring to Ingrid Bergman. Vintage reference, you know, goes with Bogie. As in, “Casablanca”?

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