Monthly Archives: September 2010

Free Love for Everyone

China Glaze Free Love. I thought this one would be difficult formula/opacity wise, but it was surprisingly nice. This is 3 coats and they went on smoothly. I want the whole retro diva collection! They all seem so glowy. This week suck, it’s only Tuesday and I have already torn my right index nail off [...]

Spiezia facial starter set review

First I’d like to thank you all for your foot care tips, I will try them out asap .) In the middle of August I bought a facial starter set from Spiezia, and I decided to do a short review since some of you were interested. Spiezia makes organic and natural skin care products. The [...]

Help my feet!

My poor feet are screaming for help. I’ve never given them enough attention, but now I’ve come to the conclusion that it has to stop. Or rather, begin. Please give me your best tips for feet care! How do you take care of your feet? (Btw, sorry for the lack of posts, but I forgot [...]

OPI Burlesque swatches part 2

Here’s the rest of the collection! Show It And Glow It! Bring On The Bling Extra-Va-Vaganza! Sparkle-icious Simmer & Shimmer Glow Up Already! I hope you can imagine how insanely sparkly these are. I used 3 coats on all the swatches. I think Burlesque is an awesome Christmas collection, a lot of them feels really [...]

OPI Burlesque swatches part 1

I am so happy about these! When the weather get gloomy, I don’t wanna paint my nails in an equally gloomy color. I want something that glows, and cheer me up. These certainly does! And around Christmas they will be totally awesome. Ali’s Big Break A red glitter, glass fleck style. It covers in 2 [...]

OPI Burlesque collection

Ok, I’m not gonna waste any time and write about the event, I’ll do that tomorrow, with swatches. I just wanna show you these bottle pictures ASAP! Show it and glow it! & Bring on the bling Extra-va-vaganza & Glow up already! Simmer & Shimmer & Sparkle-icious Rising star & The show must go on! [...]

Swiss package!

Look what I got yesterday! Awesome!! The whole OPI Swiss collection .DD Cuckoo for this color & The color to watch From A to Z-urich & Color so hot it Berns Just a little rösti at this & Lucerne-tainly look marvelous Ski teal we drop & Yodel me on my cell I’m Suzi & I’m [...]

Dark shimmers

Trying to get into autumn mood, I swatched some dark shimmers today! Diamond Cosmetics Cherry Tobacco Color Club Groove Thang Color Club Catwalk Queen They all pretty much just looks black in overcast, but if you get some sun or a bright light, they become rather nice. It’s a shame really, that autumn colors (I [...]

Hey Bogie, Goin’ My Way?

At last, the rest of vintage vixen! Goin’ My Way? Hey Doll Bogie I’m not really in love with these, but I like them more and more.

I know you do…

How many of you want this hoody? Haha awesome! Picture taken from Outcast