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Posted by on August 19, 2010 at 4:18 pm.

Ok, I wasn’t supposed to buy more polish in a while, but then suddenly 8ty8 had some of the china glaze kaleidoscope and I realised that if I didn’t buy them now, god nows when I would be able to again. But before I show you the awful cell phone pics of my newly acquired family members, I need some help.  Someone did a post mentioning a Spanish brand that had made some holographic polishes. Who? And most importantly, what brand? I neeeeed to know! They looked really cool. I have to admit, I’m a holo ho, and I neeedz those polishes. Well, onto the pics

He’s going in circles & Tickle my triangle

Octa gone wild & Rated Holographic

2NITE & Swing baby

Why I bought swing baby instead of L8R G8R is still a mystery.


  • Pippa says:

    OMG, those are gorgeous. I would love to have them, but I have to restrain myself. Still one month to go, until I can work again.

  • Sarah B. says:

    Oh my, I love tickle my triangle :)

    I don’t know about a Spanish brand, but there is a few Brazilian brands that are releasing holos in the next months. There is a post about it in my blog ( Holo Alert ) If you’d like to check out.

    • krex says:

      ah! those are the one! damn, I thought they were spanish…

      • Sarah B. says:

        I bought some at a pre release sale. And I must say I found them a bit expensive, about 5,70 euros p/8ml bottle.
        I can get you some if you’d like thought :)They will release early September.

  • Jackie S. says:

    Great haul! I hope 8ty8 still has some more :)

  • Honi says:

    Har också spanat in dom, dom flesta fanns inte i lager dock :o får hoppas dom har dom jag vill ha när jag ska beställa! Superfina lack.

    • krex says:

      nä, de brukar inte finnas i lager, och det var av precis den anledningen jag bara var _tvungen_ att handla ,D

  • Geeo says:

    Oh, tack för påminnelsen! Har sett dem tidigare härom dan men glömt beställa, men nu är det gjort! =D Men medan jag väntar på mina kanske jag få se en swatch från dig? =)

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