Gotta catch’em all!

Posted by on August 5, 2010 at 9:34 pm.

Three polishes from China Glaze Up and Away collection

Flyin’ High. It’s not that blue in real life, it’s a little bit more green and.. aw, what’s the word? Eh, forget it. You’ve probably already seen more color accurate swatches of this.

Peachy Keen. OMG this is so awful, just as horrible as I’d imagined it. It looks cute in the bottle though!

High Hopes. Nice but boring.

So, now you might wonder why I bought colors I thought were ugly and boring? The truth is that I’m a collector. To actually wear the polishes is just second to me. The main reason I buy them is to have them. It’s almost like a game, you collect things and you need to complete the collections to level up. You gotta catch’em all! I need my collections to be complete. Otherwise I have this feeling of unfinished business, and that’s no good. I know, it’s on the verge on being a kind of OCD, but that’s just the way I function. So, that is why I buy polishes I don’t even like. To complete collections. Right now I actually only have one complete collection, and that is the Summer Days collection by China Glaze. And now I’m getting closer to complete up and away. I’m “only” missing five. If anyone have any of those I’m missing and feel that they don’t need it, I think I might be able to adopt them ,D


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