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Posted by on June 17, 2010 at 8:36 pm.

My latest order from cherry culture arrived today .D Most of it is polishes from LA Girl’s metal collection.

LA Girl - Trilogy & Iron red

LA Girl - Deep Sea Mica & Alkaline Blue

LA Girl - Millennium & Pink Steel

LA Girl - Obsidian & Milani - Fairy Tale

Can’t wait to try these, alkaline blue looks awesome!


  • Pippa says:

    These are all gorgeous. Unfortunately I have to restrain myself from buying anymore polish, because I’m broke and I have a lot of untried ones. So a man could say I’m on a polish diet right now. :)

  • Biba says:

    Ooo, you’ve got Fairytale! Can’t wait to see it your nails :)

  • Sminkan says:

    Jag älskar Deep Sea Mica! Har ett inlägg med den liggande i arkivet, borde nog visa den faktiskt för det är en underbar färg! Härligt gäng med lack! Alla ser fantastiska ut!

  • Lisa says:

    That’s yet another brand I’ve never tried. Deep sea mica looks great.

  • Sanna says:

    You know I vote to NOTD anything purple first. ;) They’re so pretty! How the bloody hell do you have the money to both breed cats and shop polish?! I’m green with envy. GREEN. Like, Barielle Date Night-green!

    • krex says:

      Hah! That’s easy, I DON’T. I think I owe my mom about $1300 or more because of my breeding .SS And to afford buying polish I barely eat, simple as that ,D

  • Kimberly says:

    I really do like them all. :) I don’t need any more polishes either. I have a ton to swatch and blog. But, will look forward to your reviews. :)

  • Arrianne says:

    How did you find Fairytale on Cherry Culture? I can’t find any from that collection on there. =(

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