OPI Swiss

Posted by on June 9, 2010 at 7:55 pm.

Today, Feline and I were at the press preview of OPI Swiss collection. I was scared to death. I’m not a peoples person, and I really felt that I didn’t belong. Heh. I did however enjoy it, new experiences are fun. The collection looked quite interesting, and when I got my manicure I had a hard time choosing which color I wanted. I went for Diva of Geneva because it was a color I don’t think I normally would choose. I don’t regret it because it is beautiful. A berry/purple/goldish shimmer, maybe a hint of duochrome?

Unfortunately it’s very cloudy today so I had to use my flash.

Crappy pic, I know.

And an even crappier pic (without flash), but this one is pretty color accurate. I hope I will have sunshine soon so I can show some decent photos of this.


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