Monthly Archives: June 2010

Coral gold

Before I turned into a nubbin, I swatched two of the minis from the Sephora by OPI Havana nights. Caliente Coral. A really orange coral. Application was ok. Can’t remember if this is 2 or 3 coats… Rumba Romance. I needed 4 coats of this. Makes me think of Inca gold. I am soo tired [...]

Alkaline blue & Deep sea mica

…. and even MORE metal! .DDD Alkaline Blue. AWESOME. Just… awesome. Deep Sea Mica. The formula on these two aren’t the same as the ones I’ve swatched before this. They’re not bad, just.. different (or, maybe, the others are different, these are more like any other polish). And a little bit sheerer (but not sheer), [...]

Pink steel & Iron Red

More metal! .DD Pink Steel. Sorry about the tipwear (but it’s very little…), I put this on friday night and then I was away for the weekend so I didn’t have time to take a picture of it until now. Love this color! Iron Red. It’s not really that intense red IRL. Maybe it’s a [...]

Trilogy & Millennium

There was SUN today! WTF! And just before sun, there was awesome rain, thunder and lightning. Less awesome was that I was on my way home when the rain hit (and I didn’t have my umbrella with me). But I got home ok. Oh, the sweet thunder, it was incredible, usually lightning hits about 1-3 [...]

Happy birthday to me!

Yes, it’s my 24th birthday today. I’m not really fond of my birthdays these days, since it’s one of those times when it is really noticeable that I have no friends. Don’t get me wrong, it’s mainly my own choice. But it kind of bugs me,  when people start asking if I’m going to have [...]

metal! \m/

My latest order from cherry culture arrived today .D Most of it is polishes from LA Girl’s metal collection. Can’t wait to try these, alkaline blue looks awesome!


Managed to catch the last rays of sunshine! This is China Glaze DV8. Holo <3 I just love holos. They’re so freakin awesome! This is two coats, no top coat. It’s my birthday on friday, I wish for the rest of this collection ,D (well except for TMI…)

bad bad blogger

Sorry for the lack of posts… .(( I haven’t had any interesting notds and weather been too bad for swatching. Although today looks kind of promising, so I hope I will be able to swatch some of my untrieds later today! …If I can stop playing with my new cellphone, that is.. .D Awww it’s [...]

Catch me in your net

My notd: OPI Catch me in your net from the summer flutter collection. This is 3 coats with top coat. Yes, there is VNL but it’s not that obvious IRL. No sun today .( with flash: It’s not really color accurate, it’s greener. I like this one, it’s pretty ^__^

Diva of Geneva in sunlight

Had a little sun today, so I took some photos of my OPI diva of geneva mani, just for reference. This color looks so different depending on what kind of light source you have! And now for something completely different; aaww just look at this little cutie pie gremlin! ^___^