Monthly Archives: May 2010

tiny i-gotz-my-moneyz-haul

Okok as I said, I went to the mall and my local pharmacy as soon as they opened today, to get my meds and buy stuff (if you have moneyz you have to buy stuff, that’s the rule). So this is todays mini-haul! So this is what I got, back to front: Eco cert Raspberry [...]


I just want to tell you about my new page about giveaways! It’s to the right in the menu, go check it out! I’ll try to keep it up to date and insert as many as I can .D I was kind of skeptic toward giveaways before, but you know what? Giveaways are AWESOME.


yaaay! I haz tha moneyz! Immediately after my discovery I had to order some polishes, of course. And I’m so excited to be able to go to the mall and buy something I can’t sleep. Hm, maybe that caffeine pill helped with that too… But the mall doesn’t open until five hours, teh paain! And [...]

I hope tomorrow will be better

This post will be a bit personal. I hope you don’t mind. You can just scroll down to the pics, I won’t be offended. I suffer from something called dysthymia. It’s like a depression, just not as intense and for a longer period of time. For me it’s been so long I can’t even remember [...]

ELF swatches + a kitty!

I swatched three of my ELF polishes today. Berry Pink. Very “meh”. Booooring. Wrong tone. I think it actually looks better in this pic than it does IRL. Makes me feel old, just like Misas No shrinking violetta. Punk Purple. I just don’t see what’s so “punk”. It’s a dusty berry creme. Again, I think [...]

More random

Two more polishes from my tiny stash I had before I started this blog (now it’s just a little less tiny) I’m His Coral-Friend. A coral jelly. I love/hate this one. It’s hard to apply without getting VNL (visible nail line, haha hate that abbreviation) and the color isn’t really that good on me. But [...]

Random OPI

These two are from my tiny stash I had before I started this blog. Otherwise Engaged. This is a sheer light pink with a pretty pink/purple flash/shimmer or whatever it’s called. Heart Throb. This one is old, I got it a couple of years ago so the brush is skinny and not one of those [...]

Some more Models Own

Deep Purple. This is so damn awesome. I love it like crazy. This picture doesn’t do it justice. It’s a dark smoky purple with kind of a slight duochrome-oilslick thing going on. I’m so glad I ordered this. Purple Mystique. Another amazing polish. Notice the small glitter is in several colors. Blue/green, purple/pinkish. Red ‘n’ [...]

no polish, just kitties

I just have to show you my kittens! They’re the cutest little things ever. They have no names yet, I name my kittens by themes, and I haven’t come up with a good theme yet. Any suggestions? Of course I’m thinking about naming them after polishes, or maybe having a ghetto tech/booty bass theme. I’m [...]

NOTD: Diamond Cosmetics – Fiery Coral

This is my NOTD, Diamond Cosmetics – Fiery Coral. It feels very summerish. This one has tiny tiny glitters in pink/red, blue, and gold, which makes it quite interesting. Now I’m off to take a walk in the sun, trying to get my sickly pale skin some D-vitamin!