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Posted by on May 27, 2010 at 9:12 pm.

You know what? I love this whole blog thingy. Without all these nail blogs I wouldn’t have discovered a lot of awesome polishes. Like those Nfu Oh flakies. And lots more. Of course, it comes with a downside because now I have a huge lemming (can anyone tell me WHY it’s called a lemming?) list.

Another awesome thing is this; without my blog I would still be sitting with polishes I don’t like and they would just be standing there totally unappreciated collecting dust. Like China Glaze TMI. I didn’t like it, but sminkan did. So we did a trade and now I’m the proud owner of my first BB Couture polish, Midnight Desire. I like it a hundred times more than TMI. I wanted to put it on as soon as I got it! And so I did, and the sun was shining = perfect for taking photos of it! But when I was done painting and ready to have a photo shoot, this is what happened:

Rain. And lots of it .(( Now I was all dressed up and nowhere to go. So I took a couple of pictures with flash, something I don’t usually do when photographing nail polish.

BB Couture - Midnight Desire

BB Couture - Midnight Desire

Edit: I took a new pic of it on my nails, now when I have sunshine!

Thank you sminkan, I love this one! <3


  • Alisa says:

    Nice score! That’s a gorgeous polish!

  • Sminkan says:

    Åh, vad kul att du gillar den! Jag tycker den är fin att lacka med men färgen är lik en hel hög andra lila lack jag har. Är också glad över vårt byte och vm vet, det kanske blir fler i framtiden!

  • Kimberly says:

    Hi! I’m new to nail blogging myself. Nice to find you and to know you love cats as well. One of my cats, Libby, is my blog’s namesake. If you get a chance, come visit!

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