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Posted by on May 23, 2010 at 9:37 pm.

Two more polishes from my tiny stash I had before I started this blog (now it’s just a little less tiny)

OPI - I'm His Coral-Friend

I’m His Coral-Friend. A coral jelly. I love/hate this one. It’s hard to apply without getting VNL (visible nail line, haha hate that abbreviation) and the color isn’t really that good on me. But for some strange reason I still like it.

China Glaze - Sci-fi

Sci-Fi. I think this one is cool in kind of a nerdy way. Can’t really describe it. Anyhow, application is fairly easy, most of the brush strokes disappear when it dries, and it dries pretty fast. Why don’t I use this more often?

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  • Regine says:

    I think the OPI looks gorgeous on you. I love it! I have it myself, and it was my first coral. Now I’m hooked.

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