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Ok, I did it. I ordered from elf. I didn’t want to. But it was soo cheeaap ;( They had 2 colors I wanted, and since buying only 2 felt silly, I bought 6. 2 I wanted, 2 I kind of wanted, perhaps, and black and white. I must say I am very impressed by the formula! Most of them are 1-coaters! There is two down sides though, 1. the brush. It’s clunky and made it difficult not to make a mess. I hate messes. 2. The total lack of interesting colors. Could it be more boring? Dear ELF, if you read this, please pretty please change the brush and for Gods sake MAKE MORE AMUSING COLORS. If you do I will be your number one fan. Or something. At least then I will buy from you again.

Dark Navy & Royal Purple (the ones I actually wanted)

Punk Purple & Berry Pink

Black & White

The last pic of the black and white looks kind of nasty, the black bottle is all dirty (black polish I guess because I can’t get it off) and the white bottle was broke when I got it so it’s also all dirty. Bleh.

My NOTD; e.l.f – dark navy. (basecoat) 1 coat plus top coat.

E.L.F - Dark Navy

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