Monthly Archives: May 2010


A week ago I decided to not file my nails until today, to see how much they actually grow. I planned to swatch the same polishes today so the comparison would be easier. Unfortunately, I can’t do that. Because I just had to try china glaze tempest. For comparison: my nails a week ago. Now [...]

OMG! Awesomeness overload!

Before I realised that I was totally and utterly broke, I ordered some polishes from 8ty8 and models own. I got the ones from 8ty8 today. And OMG. These are some of the most beautiful polishes I’ve ever seen. I haven’t seen so many IRL, so maybe that doesn’t really tell anything about how awesome [...]

cleaning day

I haven’t polished my nails today, because when I woke up I had the sudden urge to do something about the mess a.k.a my apartment. I have a notion to start a project, like sorting,  rearrange furniture or things like that. And then get stuck in the middle of it, leaving things in a big [...]

New features

Just a quick note! I have now added two new pages in the menu to the right, one with a list of my lemmings (it’s loong, and far from complete!) and one with a list of my current stash, the ones I have swatched I’ve linked to the photo. Oh, and a little reminder, don’t [...]

Diamonds and rubies

It’s rainy today, and I actually want to keep my turquise kitty mani (wow, am I really going to have a polish on for more than 24 hours?!), so I’m going to show a swatch I did a while ago, on one of my favorite polishes. Sally Hansen Diamonds & Rubies. I really love it, [...]

belton <3

I just realised that I haven’t showed you the love of my life. Her name is Belton and I love her so much my heart could explode. Of course I love all my cats very much, but belton is something special. She’s from France, so I had to fly down to Avignon to pick her [...]

hello, kitty!

It’s sunny today so I swatched the hello kitty polishes from H&M! Pink Kitty. Pink creme. I love this color, but the formula wasn’t the best. But hey, it’s a cheap h&m polish so you can’t expect that much ^^ Turquise Kitty. Yep, it’s spelled that way. A light blue/turquoise creme with teeny tiny silver [...]

i love blogs

You know what? I love this whole blog thingy. Without all these nail blogs I wouldn’t have discovered a lot of awesome polishes. Like those Nfu Oh flakies. And lots more. Of course, it comes with a downside because now I have a huge lemming (can anyone tell me WHY it’s called a lemming?) list. [...]


Well this sure is something different. I still can not sleep. My brain and body are apparently on speed and just can’t cool down. I hope I will get tired soon. wantz to zleep. Ok, onto something more interesting! This is yesterdays notd; color club – revvvolution. A black/grey holo. Amazing! For some reason my [...]

going with the flow

Well, everyone else is doing it, so I wanna try it too… I’m talking about a giveaway! This is just a teeny tiny giveaway to see what all the fuss is about. It seems fun and I want in on it too. So I call this a test drive. My giveaway/contest is about coming up [...]