China Glaze x 8

Posted by on April 24, 2010 at 7:54 pm.

Yesterday I got a package from TD, the one with 8 china glazes. Kind of impressed by the fact that it didn’t take more than 3 days longer than usual to get delivered!

I didn’t get anything spectacular, but since I don’t have that many polishes yet, and kind of catching up, I buy pretty much everything and anything. I got 4 from the Up and Away collection:

China Glaze - Something Sweet and Grape Pop

China Glaze - Heli-Yum and Sugar High

I also got these;

China Glaze - TMI

China Glaze - Its Poppin'

China Glaze - Caribbean Blue

China Glaze - Strawberry Fields

And, um, I kinda ordered 4 more polishes last night. That makes 20 within 24 hours. Personal best!

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