Féline and felines

Posted by on April 19, 2010 at 8:14 pm.

Today I visited my nail blog-idol Feline (Alizarine claws), she has sooo many beautiful polishes I’m seriously considering breaking an entry when she’s not home. Well, perhaps not ‘cus she was so nice to me, first she served buns and sweets:


Then she gave me (!!) this wonderful polish! China Glaze Grape Juice

China Glaze - Grape Juice

It’s so awesome to have a (at least in my opinion) nail expert just one kilometer away! Oh, and I made another new friend today, Stöj!

Felines cat Stöj

Then we went shopping in the local mall, Feline bought lots of polishes (surprise!) and I bought… disinfectant, haha. I wanted to buy some polishes too, but since I have a total of 19 (!!!) on the way I managed to say no to myself.

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