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Posted by on April 17, 2010 at 2:05 am.

Ok, since I thought the internet needed more nail blogs (not) I just had to start one myself. Mostly just because I like to take pictures and write about stuff. I’m not aiming for hundreds of followers, I just want to have fun! .D

I start off this blog with my latest package of polish. I got three polishes from Essies spring collection; neo whimsical, van d’go and red nouveau. I also got Essies good to go and millionails, quite pleased by the fact that I ordered this just days before TD raised the price on Essie.

Today I only post a bottle picture. But when it comes to Essie, I think that’s fine, ‘cus something about their bottle makes the polish look so… yummy. I will post swatches of them later!

Neo Whimsical, Van D'Go and Red Nouveau

Red Nouveau

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