Monthly Archives: April 2010

o rly?

The sun is out! But I’m tired, as usual. I’m mostly just hanging out with my pregnant cat in the bed. She’s just as tired as me, only thing is that she has a legit reason to be. These two polishes makes me a little happier though!

LA Girls – Groupie

I LOVE THIS. Why are awesome polishes so hard to photograph?

Close-up awesomeness!

There are a few things I think just needs a little extra attention. Some awesome things.

3 packs of joy

Seriously, I’m overwhelmed. First I got my package from Cherry Culture. Some hour later my pack with Nfu Ohs arrived. AND THEN one from TD. This is awesome. Unfortunately it’s cloudy but I went ahead and took pictures of the bottles anyway. I have re-taken the photos now, in sunshine! There were so many to [...]

China Glaze – Strawberry Fields

My NOTD: China Glaze Strawberry Fields. I like it. A lot. Just like Grape Juice, it’s different in artifical light. The sun catches all the gold glitter (silver in GJ) but indoors the gold doesn’t show as much at all, instead lots of pink sparkles. Maybe I should have taken a picture of that as [...]

China Glaze x 8

Yesterday I got a package from TD, the one with 8 china glazes. Kind of impressed by the fact that it didn’t take more than 3 days longer than usual to get delivered! I didn’t get anything spectacular, but since I don’t have that many polishes yet, and kind of catching up, I buy pretty [...]

China Glaze – Grape Juice

This is the polish I got from Feline a couple of days ago. I like it. Although it’s better in artifical light. Oh, and I accidentally ordered 12 polishes from cherry culture, and 4 from Viis Ilusalong. That makes a total of 35 polishes on the way… o__O

Féline and felines

Today I visited my nail blog-idol Feline (Alizarine claws), she has sooo many beautiful polishes I’m seriously considering breaking an entry when she’s not home. Well, perhaps not ‘cus she was so nice to me, first she served buns and sweets: Then she gave me (!!) this wonderful polish! China Glaze Grape Juice It’s so [...]

Sanitazion and lilac polish

I really wanted to swatch both neo whimsical and van d’go today, but I’ve been busy sanitizing (yes, not only cleaning but disinfecting as well) my apartment. Times like these I really wish I didn’t have 3 rooms. Finally done with one room I thought I would at least make a try swatching one of [...]

Volcanoes and red polish

Until now I’ve thought that this volcano-ash cloud-thingy been kind of cool. I’m not planning on taking a flight so I’ve not been negatively affected. But, and a big but (big butt heeehehe) I just realised that I a couple of days ago made a TD order, and now I don’t know when (or even [...]